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Prolonged Sitting Work, How To Choose A Comfortable Office Chair?
Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2015

1. armrest

Novice easiest way to judge the quality of a chair, is to look at the chair armrest is attached to the seat back or armrest chair attached to the back of the seat cushion, when the back, armrests and people can back maintaining the same angle, to obtain comfortable arm support.

2. lumbar support

Speaking of comfort, the chair, the most important should be the lumbar support, the more sensitive the greater the age, when I was younger I used to totally indifferent to the chair, wooden benches without backrests can take half a day. Now 30 years old, started to die back, did not hold really good chair.

The lumbar support is not going to look simple and there is no difference of, because although many will put a big chair lumbar support, but to sit up and not feel a thing. In fact, the whole of the lumbar support is probably the highest-tech chair a member must have a complex mechanical system is connected with the whole of the chair, and of course the most realistic test methods or rely on their own to take, whether a variety of positions, the back is able to complete wrapped up in the back of the hold.

Another high point of the Aeron chair, for example before and after lumbar support can be adjusted more easily adjust to your comfortable position.