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Leather Seats Five Advantages Introduction
Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2015

1, easy to clean.

Relative to the velvet seats, the dust can fall leather seating surfaces, and will not go deep into the seat, so gently rub with a cloth to clean the work can be completed, it is also required to purchase a seat velvet seat pads, etc., or if dirty, it may seep into the seat inside.

2, more heat.

While leather also endothermic, but its better heat dissipation performance. The midday summer sun was burning vehicle, seats must be very hot. But if the leather seats, slapped a few can disperse heat, or to sit for some time will not feel so hot up. The velvet seats are not so good heat dissipation.

3, longer life.

In general, the real leather in the seat and the car can be a lifetime experience, because the car is different from the usual leather sofa leather, it is processed through multiple layers of technology, such as high-temperature processing. That the use of more than 200 degrees to bake strong barbecue, also have a slight shrinkage deformation, sofa than it will instantly change color and bubbles. Although it relatively easy care leather seats, but usually still have to pay attention, because it still has its own natural enemies - sharps and acid liquids.

4, dirt.

Leather than the general fabric, cotton is not very easy to dirty, long time no seats, just dip dust only. But with a cleaning agent cleaning can remove stains immediately, so that the seat look. So the car seat is very particular about the selection of cleaning cleaning agent, or accidentally but self-defeating, bring damage to leather. Another leather cleaning is not very particular about the time period when the dirty cleaning is required.

5, beautiful appearance.

By matching leather and upholstery can show your personality and quality. Compared to most of the fabric or the other are not very good and it is comparable. Therefore, to improve the quality of the car, leather seats are generally preferred.