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Interpretation Of The Furniture Industry In 2015 Top Ten Hot Issues
Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2015

E-commerce, such as floods raging, but the weakness of electricity providers are eleven exposure. Electricity supplier is not a panacea, the well-known large electricity providers can not a take-all traditional dealers nationwide. Currently, as a furniture industry concentration is not high, it is impossible to future high industry, the development of distributed, multi-center, e-commerce, has a unique advantage. E-commerce because of its natural weaknesses, threatening the traditional mode of operation, but the extent of the threat is not as serious as people think, it will not affect the speed of approaching the time did not respond.

The best way to lift the threat of electricity providers are both traditional mode of operation and e-commerce tools, which technically is not as difficult as people think. Electricity suppliers are just tools, anyone can use it.

Second problem: Where is the main source of retail profits?

More low-profit retail furniture, furniture retail profit in 2015 will mainly come from where?

The main source of profit is: premium high-end product design; brand premium; service profits.

High-end design products that can confidently sell at high prices, because of its uniqueness, consumers often do not dwell too much with you on the price. For example, some of the market design more unique products, its sales profits can usually be guaranteed.