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How To Examine The Quality Of Furniture Is A Key Aspect Of The Seven
Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2015

1, as the cabinet furniture cabinet we can see is not loose structure, tongue binding site is not secure, there are broken joints, blanking happen.

2, if the high moisture content of wood furniture, furniture for internal use rotten wood or wood insects still continue to erode, then this is the poor quality of the furniture, buy furniture, we must not choose this type of furniture.

3, buy furniture depends on the materials used, and the use of materials serious unreasonable furniture quality is not good, such as the use of particleboard bar, MDF strips do wardrobe door, columns and other load-bearing parts are not options.

4, pay attention to whether the glass furniture glass tang board with a nail care sales, and if so is not a good furniture, nail care sales because glass can easily result in broken glass, furniture, endangering personal safety.

5, buy furniture to see how good or bad the quality of furniture to see the function of the size of the furniture is not in line with standard requirements, such as:? A large closet space for hanging clothes reach 1350mm height of bad, bad depth of less than 520mm and so on.

6, take a look at the quality of leather furniture to see how good or bad, like a sofa inside the high moisture content of wood, thin board with bark, using a splitting wood, rotten wood and worm-eaten wood furniture is not good furniture.

7, if it is, then the furniture frame, but also pay attention to the structure of the furniture is not the use of nail structure, like no open joints, no drill, no sizing, structure loose, loose furniture is good quality furniture, buy furniture Be sure not to buy this kind of furniture.