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How To Choose Office Furniture Business Executives
Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2015

Corporate executives is dedicated to office furniture company's CEO, general manager, president of the management staff of the highest decision-making used office furniture. For a large company, CFO and other senior regional manager for a large office furniture used office furniture is the general manager. So, how to choose corporate executives of office furniture it?

1. use the most high quality furniture

Undoubtedly, executive office furniture with all the office furniture must be among the highest grade and quality. This is not only a symbol of the identity of the top management personnel, but also demonstrates their honor. This is not only reflected in the high-end office furniture, general manager of the production material is natural wood, leather, foam and other senior grade and the highest quality best. But also in the general manager's office of office furniture design is the top, whether it is from the modern aesthetic or ergonomic perspective, all to perfection.

2. To a large volume of office furniture

From the perspective of feng shui, the management of office space for bigger and more deeply on the company's ability to control the stronger, Let us abandon this theory aside, senior corporate office space with others also convey his identity and status. Therefore in the senior management of the Office of office furniture generally larger than the size and physique. For example, the desk has risen to become the office desk, office file cabinets are generally used in combination of high file cabinets, office chairs are used chair.