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Five Desk Electric Lift Sales Model
Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2015

One dealer proxy mode. The advantage of this model is that the dealer can make use of force, quickly spread throughout the country sales network, which is currently the most domestic enterprises to adopt the channel model. This model has certain requirements for dealers, most companies require their philosophy is consistent with the concept of enterprise development. Moreover, companies must compete to some years of experience in sales, consumers have more resources and industry resources in mature local dealers, so that it has a strong competitive edge. However, these mature crawling touch Gunda dealers in the industry for many years, they selected the product is very strict.

       Second, enterprises Direct channels. Direct mode requires companies have a huge talent system and the financial strength to achieve precise management. Nowadays, furniture, domestic consumers increasingly demanding personalized, single-volume businesses are small and under numerous small single class. This leads to the production of a wide variety of business needs furniture, which put forward higher requirements for delivery, a nightstand often wrong, will cause the entire order can not be delivered. But when companies do direct sales channels, process orders more quickly. Because domestic orders is characterized by small and more, unlike the single as a single product for export production.

       Third, using third-party channels mature. White said the export model is the use of large foreign buyers sales channels deal. On domestic sales channels, if you do not want, or do not have confidence quickly develop their own independent channel, you can also use third-party channels to achieve sales. Although there is no domestic mature big buyers, but in the first corporate sector accounted for 99% of sales, while 99% of companies scramble Other 1% of the market.