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Asia International Furniture Material Trading Center: Help Materials To Create A Professional Dominant Pattern Of Industrial Upgrading
Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2015

As we all know, the furniture is made of a material, structure, form and function of the appearance of the composition of four factors. Material constitutes the material basis of furniture. Modern furniture structure is divided into two kinds, rubber wood, ash, oak, white oak, birch and other wood-based furniture and in medium density fiberboard, particle board, plywood, block board-based materials plywood furniture . By finishing in the furniture surface, stickers, engraving, painting, hot, baked and other decorative feasibility, in order to achieve perfect transformation furniture. In addition, connectors, hinges, rails, handles, shelves and other furniture hardware care structure soul furniture.

In recent years, the phenomenon of polarization furniture market is getting worse. Top consumer market and the polarization of the underlying development of the consumer market to give the furniture business for more space and opportunities for the development of the market once again, especially for the opportunity to seek to upgrade their small furniture enterprises, it is time to mention the upgrade. Specialization and low-end market, high-end market to quantify body parallel expansion of the domestic furniture industry has become a two carriages. But also led to the development of furniture materials market.

According to many buyers visited feedback, they are engaged in the furniture production process, each time in order to purchase furniture materials back and forth to the country fairs furniture materials. "We do all kinds of furniture will certainly involve sheet metal wood, plywood, decorative materials," surveyed manufacturers admitted that "the most difficult is the material procurement, small pieces of furniture hardware, large integrated wood, various furniture materials procurement are available, they are actually running the country market, because many business scope trading center is not all. "