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The White House wants to spend $700,000 on standing desks

Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 18, 2016

The Oval Office has standards, of course. It's looking for "durable" standing desktops that are black and hold up to 35 pounds and three computer monitors. No assembly is also a must (sorry, IKEA). They're not too picky with brands, but the desk must be of Varidesk quality or equivalent, which run for about $400 to $500 for desks that equip 2 or more monitors (which would mean more than 1,000 standing desks).

The Great Standing Desk Debate has heated up over the past year or two, thanks to a slew of studies and articles about the hazards of sitting for too long. Fear-inducing headlines proclaim that sitting will kill you — or at least double your risk for Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It has also been linked to a 17% increased risk in premature death.

Experts in England now recommend that office workers should stand for at least two hours a day, and the Apple Watch will even remind you when to stand up.

Though we do have to question just how much White House staffers are actuallysitting around.

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