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Sofa production process

Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2015
Source: Sofa production process

Sofa production is characterized by the type of material used in many material differences, making the frame with wood, steel, plywood, paints, decorative pieces; filled with sponges, foam plastic, elastic, non-woven fabrics, springs, mat, etc. ; make coat with a cloth, leather, composite materials. Processing span, from carpentry work, painting work, sewing work to the hair industry working industry palpable. According to the professional division of labor, improve the efficiency principle, the process is divided into five section sofa: frame section, the main production sofa frame; exterior section, the main production sofa exposed components; lined section, the preparation of various types of sponge inner core; jacket section, cutting sewing jackets; assembly (palpable Paper) section, each of the front of each section of semi-finished products, coupled materials, assembled into a complete sofa.

Different sofa manufacturing plant which processes are different, small business process division lines are thick, medium-sized enterprises in the division process in greater detail, specialized division of labor will help improve efficiency and ensure the stability of product quality.