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Remove the new buy office furniture paint fumes

Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2015
Source: Remove the new buy office furniture paint fumes

Buy new office furniture has a proprietary taste, how to remove that annoying taste it? Here a good way to give parents who introduced the original ecology of a good way to remove paint fumes of new office furniture!

1. Place the tea root

Some people even put dry tea after root tea room in the closet and I hope to help clear the gas. As everyone knows, tea root in this regard as the effect of dry leaves and toilet paper, almost no absorption and decomposition.

2, over-reliance on short-term treatment of ventilation

Ventilation handle basic environmental measures, to improve the role of indoor air pollution, and most harmful substances will slowly release, up to 3-15 years in prison, not months, ventilation can solve the problem, in its intensive dissemination of a -3 years, you bear a larger disease, cancer risk; in addition to formaldehyde, for example, it points to a free, adsorption, combined with the presence of three states. Only the free state of ventilation treatment can be eliminated.

3, place pineapple

Some people think: In each room you can put a few pineapple eliminate paint fumes, big room to put some more. Pineapple aroma will evaporate, play a role in covering the odor, but did not break down to remove harmful substances; in addition, pineapple contains a lot of water, play a role in the most humidification after evaporation, dissolution can play the role of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, but once dry formaldehyde will also evaporate.

4. Plants

Some ornamental plants can actually absorb some toxic gases, such as plants can absorb formaldehyde cactus, spider plants, aloe, ivy, cycads, chrysanthemum; and ivy, cycads, chrysanthemum these three kinds of flowers have the ability to absorb benzene can reduce the pollution of benzene. But the key is that they have very limited role, palliatives; harmful gas fitting end face intensive dissemination of their weak absorption, not only can not remove the source of contamination.