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Purchase and maintenance of office chairs

Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2015
Source: Purchase and maintenance of office chairs

Now more and more office workers and other mental and physical workers using work sitting, sitting in front of the computer and do not move house highlands are a lot of young people continue to make the habit. Less time will be rendered faint eyes, back pain and other shortcomings, whether in the office is still wild. Therefore, Ningbo Yong Le office furniture with you to understand the functions of the office chair, your work will become easier and more comfortable.

   Office chair purchase:

   1. Choose an adjustable office chair backrest, backrest height, tilt angle can be simultaneously adjusted. According to the needs of different situations, appropriately adjusted, and always maintain the correct posture.

   2, can easily change the adjustable seat height, need to choose the design of pneumatic engine lifting device chair; according to height, leg length, for proper seat height adjustment.

   3, seat angle can be adjusted, adjust the backrest and seat open angle, legs and back pressure naturally slows, promote blood circulation and breathe.

   4, seat height and armrest height can be adjusted, as needed, simple and free to adjust to relieve neck and shoulder stress.

   5, rocking chairs have adjustable features that make sitting more casual and comfortable. If the seat and backrest can be adjusted separately, can be further increased comfort.

   6, seat depth adjustment to follow the situation stands, reduce fatigue caused by long working hours. High back office chairs are better able to give the body to support.

   7, sitting too long easily lead to muscle tension, physical fatigue. So at work, should always relax or change posture to relieve fatigue.