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Office sofa manufacturing technology and processes

Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2015
Source: Office sofa manufacturing technology and processes

According to the shape of the sofa, the sofa is currently divided into two types of classical and modern. Classical style sofa is generally used some elements of the traditional style, using traditional craft structure, so the structure is more complex. Such sofa exposed parts commonly sculpture, mosaic, depicting, decorative finishing processes such as processing, the production process route length, high technical requirements. Modern style sofa production process is relatively simple, widely used in modern new process materials, production process route is short, easy to scale production.

Sofa is mainly composed of frame, fillers, fabric three parts.

(1) the composition of the sofa frame body structure and basic shapes. Frame material is mainly wood, steel, plywood, medium density fiberboard, MDF currently based. The main framework to meet the design requirements and strength requirements.

(2) filler on the sofa comfort plays a decisive role. Traditional filler is brown silk, spring, is now commonly used plastic foam of various functions, sponge, synthetic materials. Filler should have good elasticity, anti-fatigue, long life. Sofa in different parts of filler loading, different comfort requirements. Performance, price difference great filler.

(3) the fabric's texture, color and taste determines the sofa, there really dazzling variety of fabrics, along with science and technology, but also more and more rich variety of fabrics.

The general structure of the traditional sofa (bottom-up): Framework - wood - spring - the underlying gauze - mat - Sponge - inside pocket - Outer jacket.

Modern sofa general structure (bottom-up): Framework - elastic band - the underlying gauze - sponge - inside the bag - jacket. Visible, the production process than the traditional sofa modern sofa omitted fixed spring time consuming, and shop Zongdian processes.