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Introduction sofa production process

Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2015
Source: Introduction sofa production process

Batching process

Most wood sofa frame plates, cutting and sawing with a straight cut sheet, small businesses are cut with a circular saw saws, band saws sawing curved plate. Sofa frame timber can be medium density fiberboard, medium density fiberboard because having large format, the advantages of the material is high, and on curved parts particularly notable. Currently MDF with various fasteners, connectors performance are good. There are many on the market closed formaldehyde, formaldehyde capture chemical products in MDF frame surface coating, can get rid of formaldehyde problems. For wood frame come forward, handrails, decorative items, these parts require high surface quality, complex process, and some need to bend wood, and some require special treatment, such parts are basically consistent with the processing of solid wood furniture, it is no longer discussed. Clear and correct list of ingredients, nesting map, curved parts of the template, the main materials used reasonable measures to improve work efficiency.

Frame assembly

The prepared plates, bent parts, squares combined into boxes and sealed floor. Fasteners should always collect aggregated for sofa group box, cleverly chosen fasteners information, for assembling the frame can play a multiplier effect. Sofa frame made to pay attention to the quality of the production of frame sizes to meet the requirements, the size of the error to the assembly (palpable Paper) processes cause trouble. To meet the requirements of the strength of the framework, the current framework sofa are starting to experience, in fact, treatment can reduce the frame by optimizing the use of materials or further improve strength. Process framework should focus on the structure, to facilitate the operation of the subsequent process. Surface of the frame to make finishing treatment, deburring and acute angle to avoid the follow-up process to stay hidden.