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How to tell the quality of office furniture paint Ningbo

Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2015
Source: How to tell the quality of office furniture paint Ningbo

First, the product style design

Office furniture paint style design is very important, a first office furniture paint looks good, style design includes not only the appearance of the product, there are many design details, such as the size of the drawer is reasonable, such as the thickness of the table is reasonable and so on.


Second, the material quality of the product

Paint quality office furniture products depends not only on the material, but more importantly is dependent on the construction.

As a manufacturer of products in the heavy metals, formaldehyde, etc. also well in line with the national standard, the other, an indicator of hardness, resistance to yellowing product is good or bad. As a consumer, there is no testing equipment, can only rely on the manufacturer's reputation.


Third, the paint process products

After the purchase of construction, the hardness of the film, you can use fingernail test, does not flow prints as well; film thickness (bottom 5 3 surface construction method), hand feels plump and full of good; if it is water paint, thoroughness well, can clearly see the plate background better; if it is muddy white, paint evenly without brush marks as well.

About anti-yellowing, upon completion of construction, in about a month or so, does not occur (if there is direct sunlight, it will happen faster) from "cool" to "yellowing" phenomenon as well.

As consumers in the purchase of office furniture, paint, first to see product images, many products, though the design is the same, basically paint furniture factory will be able to do it look at the outward appearance, but the most important products produced paint process below standard, so consumers actually look good or bad paint process is to determine the most intuitive method.

Good paint surface craft uniform gloss, transparency, and can clearly see the wood grain,