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Design office environment

Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2015
Source: Design office environment

In modern times, the people and the times for each region has a different understanding of the aesthetic, so relative to the formation of different furniture styles. In the era as a whole is divided into two kinds of traditional and modern styles, there are in Europe and America in the region, Chinese and other styles. But we are in style furnished office environment in which we must understand is that simple, modern, abstract, personality style is already a trend of modern office furniture, it must follow the minimalist style, modern, abstract principles of personality based. Office space as well as pay attention to the overall style of the environment, including floor, wall colors with color (you need to know the office floor and Xi'an office furniture with the method, furniture textures and colors, the overall style of the furniture and office decoration style collocation is important to note, is consistent with the purpose to ensure that the overall style of the office environment