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Construction paint varnish wood construction process:

Hangzhou Shtech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 22, 2015
Source: Construction paint varnish wood construction process:

sanding paper to clean wood surface on the Run Park pink polish → → → polishing sandpaper scraping over the first pass putty, sanded → full second time scraping putty, fine sanded color → → brushing oil varnish brush first pass → fight to find a color, complex fill putty, fine sanded → varnish brush a second time, fine sanded → brush third time varnish, polished → water back light sanding, waxing, polishing.

Finish: a painting of the final coating, decorative and protective functions, such as color, gloss, texture, etc., should also have to face resistance to harsh environments.

Midway paint: Paint is a paint and primer between the topcoat and primer to improve the adhesion between the coating while increasing the opacity and the whole fullness, but also provide some specific patterns, such as relief paint.

Primer: typically to facilitate paint adhesion, to avoid excessive penetration of the coating to the substrate affect the adhesion. Primer can be closed from the grassroots base substance to penetrate the coating to avoid coating efflorescence blur, reduce erosion finish.