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Why we take the height-adjustable table?

For must office staff,the most painful thing is sitting in front the table more than 8 hours.watching the computer screen,not move,not stand up . after long time this working conditions,some troubles will appear 
with your body---getting fat,painting with the neck/shoulder/back or leg.---.What should we do?

The height-adjustable become the best solutions.after some time seating,you can raise the table top by the
button or emitter to meet yr stand height,so you do not have to sit,you can stand while working.this will help
to reduce the weight,and bring much more benefits to your health and keep nice working mood.

Why we choose SHTECH?

Why the table top can be raised , the reason is that there is a electric tubular motor inside , the table top will get down or up under the control of the button from the motor , the motor is the heart of table .

HANGZHOU SHTECH CO.,LTD . Founded in 1999,  the leading manufacturer specialized in the tubular motor
and motorized height- adjustable desk , By more than 15 years efforts , we have passed ISO9001-2000 quality
control system for the advanced management ,under the experienced worker teams , mow more and more  customers from US Europe and Australia  have taken Shtech as reliable partners, why not you ?